Deckard Arrested by (Android) Police Officer

     Luba Luft manages to draw a weapon on Deckard during the Voight-Kampff test and call the police. Soon, Officer Crams shows up and frisks Deckard, finding his sidearm. He sniffs the barrel, realizing it had recently been fired. Deckard informs him that he had just retired an android named Polokov (Leon), "his remains are still in my car up on the roof."

     Officer Crams arrests Deckard and calls police headquarters to have someone come and collect Polokov's remains. He then puts Deckard in his car and drives him to a police station for booking. Deckard accuses Officer Crams of being an android in cahoots with the escaped androids on his list.

    “Maybe you’re an android,” Officer Crams said. “With a false memory, like they give them. Had you thought of that?” He grinned frigidly as he continued to drive south.